Long Distance Sessions

Visualize or think about the flexibility of accessing counseling or wellness coaching in the comfort of your home, hotel room, office. You no longer have to fight traffic, miss a deadline for school or work, worry about childcare. You can travel for work, recuperate from surgery or illness and still receive counseling. We live in a world that can become overwhelming and have us feeling disconnected.

Let’s connect virtually so you can get the relief you deserve now. 

How do Online Sessions Work?

Counseling & Wellness Coaching Session Details

I use an online video chat software application called VSee for counseling & therapy sessions. This application is HIPAA compliant, so you can relax knowing our online session is protected and confidential. VSee is easy to download and access on your iPhone, Android, laptop or computer, Mac or IOS.

Wellness Coaching does not require HIPAA compliant applications. You have the choice to use the VSee application as described or your phone, laptop, or other applications such as Skype.     

Please note that before starting online counseling, a consultation call will take place to assess whether online counseling is appropriate to meet your counseling needs and my ethical vow. 

We can also work together using both in-person and online counseling or wellness coaching sessions. This option provides you the flexibility to continue with counseling and wellness coaching while life still happens!

To provide HIPAA Compliant Online Counseling, do not access computers in public settings.